About Us

We have deep experience building independent and successful dealerships. We have a passion for technology, education and collaboration and we are dedicated to enhancing client value through a partnership with independent advisors. We have applied our knowledge and passion to creating a unique dealership dedicated to independent advisors and their clients. Throughout our industry tenure we have observed time consuming, frustrating and low value activities that are constantly repeated in virtually every office. Although the majority of these activities are necessary and consume a great deal of time, they add no real value to the client experience. In witnessing the pain experienced by dealers and their advisors we viewed an opportunity to transform processes and augment the quality of advice available to clients. The result is the Private Client Portfolio Platform functioning as a model portfolio program to provide advisors with significant competitive advantages both administratively and from a client advice perspective.

Vision: It All Started With A Simple Yet Noble Idea

To provide all clients with the unbiased and affordable investment advice that typically only wealthy clients receive. To assist advisors with their systems, products and compliance issues, freeing up time to have conversations and give meaningful advice to their clients.